This is the beginning.

We hope the game left you feeling an itch you need to scratch – a need for a change, forcing you to act. We won't give you any advice on what to do next. You are on your own to find the most effective means for a positive change.

We have gathered some material for you to get started. You will find like-minded people on your journey: solving the real puzzle. It is a worthwhile puzzle to solve.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Sixth Mass Extinction
  2. Art
  3. Connect

2. The Sixth Mass Extinction

2.1 Research Papers

2.2 News

2.3 Search Keywords

Use these keywords in your favorite search engine: holocene extinction, sixth extinction, Anthropocene extinction, biodiversity loss, habitat loss, habitat conservation, coextinction, carnism, environmental impact of meat production, human wildlife conflict and chytridiomycosis

2.4 Websites

2.5 Organisations, Action

2.6 Other Media

2.7 Suggest an addition

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2. Art

3. Connect

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