We use a video game Sixth Extinction to increase mass extinction crisis awareness and show the player how start solving the real world crisis.


Watch a video (5 mins) explaining the strategy and showing the actual gameplay.

1. Game is marketed as a puzzle game.

  • Marketing focuses on puzzle game players unaware of the extinction crisis.
  • Game is "Dark, atmospheric puzzle game. A story-driven game about revenge, extinction, and violence.". Game's website.

2. Game misleads player.

  • Player is mislead to be fighting fictional invaders causing crisis.

3. Revelation: game is about real life.

  • At the end of the game the truth is told: crisis is real, invaders are humans and game is from javan leopard's perspective.

4. Player is guided how to start solving the crisis.

  • After the revelation player is asked, if he wants to help to fix the real world crisis, because motivation to help must be voluntary, not forced, in order to be long lasting.
  • If player wants to help, he is presented in game with facts about the crisis and highlighted how useful his problem solving skills are. Player is lead to a web-page, to start study the extinction crisis and solve it.

5. Outcome: player starts solving the extinction crisis.

  • We have sparked interest (impactful gaming experience) and created factual based awareness (resources given to start solving the crisis) to a effective problem solver, who can find own ways to begin a change.

The game

See it yourself

How to help?

Do you like the approach? Any help and feedback is really appreciated, since everything has been done as a hobby using own money (thousands of euros) and on free time (hundreds of hours) after work by a single person during the past 2,5 years.

  1. Send feedback and ideas how to spread the word about the game to my personal email.
  2. Share this page to get more people interested. Any platform, anywhere - anything goes.
  3. Create a honest review about the game on your blog or Youtube.
  4. Join mailing list or follow Instagram to keep up to date how this project goes.

Thanks for any help, interest and feedback!


Facts & press kit

  • Released on three platforms: iOS, Android and PC.
  • iOS and Android versions are available now. PC version is released later in 2020.
  • Mobile versions costs ~2 euros, while PC version is free.
  • Only english language is supported.
  • Game done by Juha Salo (Polte Games is the legal name).
  • See press kit for more details.